Cedarwood Dog Houses


Our Cedar Wood Dog Houses come in four sizes - small, medium, large and extra large. Our helpful sizing guide below will help you to select the best "Western Red Cedar" dog house for your pet. Please refer to the Sizing Guide below or call/email us for assistance. 1-866-951-0469
Make sure the interior is spacious enough for the dog to run inside, turn around, and lay down. But if it's too big, the house will lose heat during colder months, making your dog a little chilly. People who live in severe winter regions should be advised that bigger is certainly NOT better. Moderate to mild winter climates can get away with a slightly bigger sized doghouse.
A dog's weight is best to determine the appropriate sized house for your pet. However, if the dog is tall (like a greyhound), the height is another factor to be taken into consideration. You want to make sure your dog will fit through the doorway and that he will be able to enter and exit with ease, without having to crawl or scooch.
*************Important to Know About Sizing Your Doghouse***************
Mark an area on the ground that is the same size as your preferred dog house. Bring your dog to that spot and spin him around to see if he'll be able to turn around and rest contentedly. The doghouse door opening should be wide enough and at least 1" taller than the dog's head from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of his chest. For example, if the dog stands at 8 inches, the door frame needs to be at least 9 inches. The door needs to be big enough to go in but not too big that it attracts wind drafts while your dog is resting inside.

Always go up one size if the fit is just right because interior finishes play a factor in the finished product. You don't want him to have to squeeze into his doghouse. The width and depth of the house should be at least the span of the dog's body from the dog's nose to its flank....not including the tail.
To determine the accurate size and height of the dog house you will add the first and second measurements together. A modest dog house height at its rooftop point should be 1 1/4 times the top of the dog's head to his paws. In other words, it's safe to add 1 1/4" all the way around. If your dog is still a puppy, make sure you research the final adult size by looking up the dog's breed online to discover height and weight estimates.